6 Ways to Maintain a Great Skin Tone

Jan 5, 2022 | Uncategorized

What’s the first thing people see in us the moment they lay their eyes on us? Why of course our skin!

If it’s dry, lifeless, pale or in patches, what do you think could be the reaction? A certain sense of foreboding and sometimes even revulsion. The same is the case where our skin is too oily or full of acne, pimples or another kind of eruptions that are invariable signs that not everything inside is gung-ho.

Our skin isn’t simply to show off. It isn’t a seat-cover or coloured and shiny exterior. The skin is our body’s LARGEST organ! It covers everything from head to toe and helps keep the very sensitive interiors in great shape while being the barrier that keeps all the enemies, mites, dust and sunlight at bay. And yet we seem to give it scant respect- unless you go down with a sunburn. It’s only then that we remember our skin and what it does to protect us all through our lives all through the year, throughout our lives!

Hi, this is Dr Sayali Patil of Cosmetic Sky Skin Clinic, the most known and admired Cosmetic Skin Clinic skin in Nashik. Equally known are our Skin Tan Removal procedures and Laser Skin treatments.

Today we tell you some surprisingly simple ways to maintain great skin health and tone! They are all of six, and quite easy to practice given that they are truly natural and simple.

Diet! What does diet have to do with your skin?

You could be tempted to ask how skin tan removal relates to diet! Not if you were into eating watermelons and tomatoes with gusto! Both contain a chemical called lycopene that’s known to effectively block harmful UV rays and reduce sunburns. But that doesn’t mean one eats these like hell and goes and stands in the sun for the whole day with the expectation of zero tans! What it ideally means is that if you regularly eat lycopene-rich foods, your chances of retaining a suntan could be substantially low. And God-forbid if you do get it and are anywhere near Nashik, we invite you to visit Cosmetic Sky Skin Clinic, Nashik’s most known and admired Cosmetic Skin Clinic equally known for Skin Tan Removal procedures and Laser Skin treatments.

The other thing that keeps skin supple and toned with just the right texture is fat, and not normal fat but Omega 3 fats. It keeps the skin moist and supple and reduces inflammation that’s associated with suntans and burns. And where do you get these? In most nuts, fatty fish, flax seeds are some rich sources. ALWAYS REMEMBER: Omega 3 fats aren’t made by the body. You HAVE to eat your way to derive them!

You would be surprised to know that even the humble cauliflower (we call it “flover” in these parts!) has potent antioxidants to fight off oxidative stress of free radicals! Its overload of histidine, an amino acid helps our bodies produce urocanic acid that helps absorb UV radiation better!

There goes to diet. Eat healthy for healthy skin. Try green, leafy veggies + plenty of nuts and fruits.

Sleep! Can less sleep affect our skin??

For one, sleep takes away the ghostly look that comes about with dark circles under the eyes. And if that isn’t enough, it’s during sleep that the body truly relaxes and repairs everything that needs obvious repairs, from the skin to bones to muscles and cartilages. Those not getting enough sleep are most likely to get heart problems and the likes of blood-sugar imbalance leading to diabetes. Once you have these in place, it’s just a question of time before all hell breaks loose. And with that goes your skin! One of the first victims of inadequate sleep is the quantum of collagen, a chemical needed by the body to maintain skin tone! With so much going for your sleep, why not take rest when you can?

Exercise! Are you sure exercise can make your skin better?

Any form of exertion that increases heart rate and perspiration is good for the body. At our Cosmetic Skin Clinic in Nashik, we often have cases where we prescribe exercise according to one’s existing physical and inherent conditions. That said, if you ever need a sun-tan removal procedure, you are most welcome to visit us!

Yes, everything about exercise and exertion affects our skin! Higher blood circulation that exercise brings about helps push essential nutrients all over the body – including the skin. Add to that sweat which removes toxins from under the skin. Plus of course all the stretching and contraction. Put together what you get is wrinkle-free skin that shines with cleanliness!

In case you didn’t know, our skin too is held in place by muscles. The latter is equally affected when you exercise. That’s precisely the reason a well-exercised body has fewer wrinkles and more of taught, healthy-looking skin!

And lastly, sebum. A natural body secretion, it helps bring much-needed moisture to the skin. Over-production though can block skin pores which happen in the time of stress or hormonal change. Both these situations can be corrected by regular and vigorous exercise that control stress and takes care of excess hormones. Additionally, sweating during and after exercise is said to flush out sebum effectively from under the skin.

Cutting down on calories! Are you sure??

Excessive calories from the sugar in our foods leads to internal inflammation and may worsen conditions including acne. The body experiences an increase in insulin which leads to this condition. It doesn’t disappear quickly and could lead to other problems when dust and grime enter the open acne wounds calling for Laser Skin treatments, another of Cosmetic Sky Skin Clinic, Nashik’s speciality.

Also, excess calories in sugar cause more fine lines and wrinkles due to the early breakdown of collagen and elastin fibres. The former becomes brittle and starts to get an aged appearance.

Drinking water regularly! Why?

Water predominantly does three things to our bodies, and more so the skin. It rehydrates and recovers the moisture lost, maintains body temperature, and most of all help flush out all the toxins that accumulate just under the skin.

Sweating, a normal and necessary bodily process needs to take place continuously to keep the skin cool (that by itself reduces inflammation that’s caused when one goes out in the sun), provide lubrication (remember, this is our body’s moisturizer without which we would keep scratching and hurting ourselves), remove toxins (excess sebum and other toxins that need to be removed as a normal process) from under the skin, and maintain our body’s temperature (remember the time you had a heat stroke! Yes, that’s when the heat overwhelms our natural bodily air conditioning!)

And all it needs to keep things right, right there under the skin, is water in adequate quantity! Your skin remains rehydrated, without inflammation, toxin-free and fresh and smooth!

Staying away from harsh sunlight! Oh, really??

For everyone who’s ever gone on to the beach in the skimpiest of dresses, you know what you end up becoming! Almost a roasted lobster! UV rays and all the jazz aside, what it does to your skin is that it simply burns it. Period. For your skin to recover from such an onslaught, it may take days (if not weeks!). Agreed that places like Cosmetic Skin Clinic skin of Nashik do have elaborate Skin Tan Removal procedures and Laser Skin treatments but torturing your skin by getting it permanently tanned may leave it dry and full of wrinkles for most parts. Harsh sunlight takes away moisture and leaves the skin looking leathery, enflamed and sometimes excessively itchy. It isn’t entirely unheard of to contract cancers where one continues the practice of avoiding precautions.

And all it takes to have great skin are just a few precautions

Firstly, try not to venture when the sun is really hot. If you need to, wear loose though covering clothes, preferably of cotton and light in colour. Use skin-tan lotion or moisturizer. Cover your head. And most importantly, drink water and spray yourself with water whenever you get a chance to. Ear the right kind of food your body needs and not things dictated by your taste buds. Exercise to get things moving, including the toxins. And when tired, sleep it out!

Your skin besides, these could just as easily save your life!