What Causes Dark Circles and How to Remove them Naturally?

Dec 28, 2021 | Uncategorized

All it takes for the most beautiful of faces to look tired, haggard and aged beyond time, and conditions are those tell-tale dark circles under the eyes! You could be 28 or 82 but there’s just no getting away from dark circles. They happen all the time, and to everyone with a certain skin type and tone. As for their effective and natural treatments, there are quite a few, of which the most useful ones we mention below.

For a start, who are those unlucky ones most susceptible to dark circles?

Dark circles form under the lower eyelids in both men and women and can happen to anyone anywhere under certain conditions. The problem isn’t that they appear. The problem is in making them disappear. Once there, they tend to be around in some intensity all the time. As to who’s most likely to get them, the following are the usual unfortunate folks:

  • The elderly
  • Those predisposed genetically towards a condition called hyperpigmentation, and
  • Those from non-white ethnic groups with darker skin tones given that they are most likely to get this affliction.

What are the causes of dark circles?

Dark circles form under the eyes for a variety of reasons including:

A Genetic predisposition

Some inherit it as part of their DNA to get pigmentation under their eyes and may not be able to fully avoid it come what may. It could start from teens and stay for life. In some cases, it does worsen. In some, it even disappears!

A Physical predisposition

An overactive thyroid could also be the reason behind the dark circles under the eyes.

Age-related darkening!

Our skin in parts starts to darken with age with the parts under the eyes being the most visible location. With age, the skin loses collagen and its ability to remain taut and stretched. Sagging skin with lesser flesh under it easily shows the blood vessels beneath which gives the skin a dark, brooding look.

Tiredness and fatigue!

Sleeping less or sleeping more, both are conditions that affect collagen production that make the skin look dull, pale and lifeless. In that state, the skin starts to show the dark tissues and blood vessels beneath. Of all the places on the body, it remains most visible and noticeable under the eyes.


Drinking less water and other necessary liquids makes the skin appear dull and lifeless. In addition, it starts to look parched in which state it shows through the dark blood-vessels lining of the eye socket below.

Exposure to sunlight

Being in the sun for long induces the body to produce excess quantities of melanin to counter the excess of sunlight. Melanin as we know is the skin pigment that gives the skin its colour though too much of it may cause pigmentation that’s most visible in places like the areas surrounding the eyes.


Allergies make us itch specific areas that result in the release of histamine to counter the offending foreign body. The histamine also causes the dilation of blood vessels that make it easily visible under the skin. In the case of areas bordering the eyes, all the action induced by histamine like inflammation and torn blood vessels may cause darkness under the eyes.

How to remove dark circles naturally?

Get more sleep!

Proper sleep by itself can reverse the pale look of the skin that comes about due to sleep deprivation. Sound sleep of up to 7-8 hours daily keeps collagen production in the right state and by itself reduces dark circles under the eyes.

Drink more water!

A parched skin easily shows the dilated blood vessels beneath. Drinking water regularly causes the skin and its blood vessels to contract and brings back the colour of the skin, more so under the eyes.

Avoid exposing yourself to the hot sun!

To the extent possible, avoiding the sun during the hotter parts of the day helps immensely. This by itself may reduce the production of melanin that’s most visible under the eyes in the form of dark patches.

Apply cold-press to the eyes!

Be it cold tea bags or a general cold press, apply it to the eyes for a minimum of 20 minutes to reduce the puffiness of the eyes. Teabags additionally help with their elevated caffeine and antioxidants by helping increase blood circulation and reduce water retention.

Apply plant-based make-up to conceal dark circles!