Easy Tips to Prevent Skin Tan and its Treatments

Jan 21, 2022 | Uncategorized

What’s good for us can, with overuse, turn out to be just the opposite! While they cure us of maladies, medicines can turn deadly where we take them in quantities more than recommended. While it’s good to exercise, where overdone, it can lead to bones, muscles, and cartilages tearing and breaking, with aches and pains being the continuous order of the day.

Something similar is the case with a skin tan that takes place when the body produces more melanin to turn just the top layer of skin darker to protect the skin and matter below. While this is a temporary means of limiting the harm to just the skin and thus forms the first line of defence, over-use can damage the skin in the form of sunburns, dry skin, warts, wrinkles, and skin botches, and in extreme cases, even cancer.

At its most limited, skin tan produces a rust-like coating on exposed body parts that, with time peel away as dead skin. While this may seem natural, some may need extra help from the likes of my clinic and me!

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Going back to today’s topic, how does a sun-tan come about?

Sun-tan comes about when skin gets exposed to direct sunlight. Ultraviolet light, a significant component of sunlight, does more than burn the skin. It causes the body to react with the creation of melanin to localize the damage. The darkening pigment has the effect of giving the skin an aged look. Oxidation too plays its part in the process of darkening the skin. While this goes on, collagen, a skin component that gives skin its suppleness and elasticity, is lost, making it look leathery, rough, and unhewn.

Ideally, what should one do to reduce the chance of getting a suntan?

An ideal situation would be to avoid going into direct sunlight to the extent possible. That being almost impossible, among our skin tan removal treatments, we advise everyone to avoid going out into the sun between 10 in the morning to 4 in the evening, the hours between when UV rays are most prominent. That besides, the following steps ought to be taken:

  1. Wearing sunscreen every time you go out into the sun.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, an American body that’s been doing pioneering work in the field, sunscreens can’t completely cut out UV rays. With SPF30, the best protection is down to 3 per cent, and with SPF50, it is down to only 2%. For this reason, a minimum SPF of 30 is deemed necessary to keep UVB at bay.

  1. Wearing sunscreen all the while, and not necessarily when near the sea or when likely to be in the sun for long.
  2. Wearing protective clothing.

Cover all body parts likely to be affected, including head, neck, hands, torso, and legs. The covering should be of clothes that breathe and allow air to pass and aren’t dark in colour. If not adhered to, the latter can lead to other complications, including dehydration.

  1. Wearing sunglasses with UV light filters. Eyes are just as affected as the skin, and them being a lot more sensitive, things can head south if not cared for in time. A UV-protective filter is thus most recommended.

Going out into the sun, and sometimes for long, can be unavoidable. That being so, what are the treatments to both keep tanning at bay and reverse the same?

  1. Leave it to peel off! If it’s a one-off case, our anti-tan treatment advice is to leave it to its mercy with just the right amount of moisturizer to take care of dryness. Doing so helps the skin reverse the excess melanin build-up by simply shedding it. In most cases, the new skin beneath is as good as new, with no need for extra precautions.
  2. Microdermabrasion: Exfoliating agents with abrasive elements can help rub and remove the tanned, dead skin and are most effective when the skin is moist, like after a bath (or during a bath). With skin going soft, the exfoliating agent goes about doing its job most effectively.
  3. Peels: Chemical or biological, peels are one of the best ways to remove suntan. They gently nourish the skin, hydrate it and make the process far less painful. Also, with the correct chemical and the backing of natural products, the skin gets all its necessary nutrients. Also, with the skin experiencing a large amount of liquid, excessive build-up of dead skin dissolves with relative ease.
  4. Laser treatments: For those brought up on a diet of Star Wars and the likes, lasers could mean only one thing. Death and destruction. But for others, including those in eye care, surgeries using lasers are the best where precision is of absolute importance with minimum (or even zero) room for error. Skin treatments including Laser Tan Removal at Cosmetic Sky Skin Clinic in Nashik thus use the most advanced skin treatment measures, including lasers that penetrate the skin and promote its regenerative capacities. With the decay above effectively removed, it’s time to accelerate the process of skin and cell generation. That besides, such a healing response also revitalizes the skin’s immune response. Laser treatment also promotes blood circulation that has a very positive effect on enzyme and collagen production. And yes, laser treatment applies equally to the face and all its tan-related issues, including uneven skin, skin patches, dead skin, and the likes!

Here goes to Tan Removal Treatment at Cosmetic Sky Skin Clinic located on the Gangapur Road in Nashik! It’s the best, and the only way to judge it is by being here after a trip to the coast to get a tan removed. Rest assured, the tan would be an old story in a very, very short time!