Effective Home Remedies to Treat Acne

Feb 8, 2022 | Uncategorized

Acne in most cultures heralds the arrival of youth. If you have acne, you are no more a kid but a budding adult! That said, and like every growth phase, acne is painful, to say the least, and if not treated the right way can leave people with ungainly, uneven skin that looks more like leather than the skin itself.

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First thing first. What is acne and why does it take place?

From experience and extensive reading, I term it as a skin condition that is endemic to growing children and in rare cases even adults. If not treated the right way, this may result in spots and pimples not just on the face but also arms, neck, chest and back.

Ache has quite a few types including blackheads, pimples, whiteheads and nodules. Yes, even pimples are a kind of acne.

There was a time when it was said to be one of the most prevalent skin conditions in the west (upward of 50 million Americans constituting 80% of their population between the age of 12 and 25 are said to suffer from it at any time). The curse has come to India as well now for a variety of reasons including a “great lifestyle”!

Acne is a common occurrence at the onset of puberty with the sebaceous glands at the base of the hair follicles going on overdrive producing oil due to excess testosterone. And no, it’s isn’t a “boys only” problem.

Not that it’s in any way life-threatening, what it does though if not treated the right way is that it leaves scars and pitting on the skin giving it a rough, uneven look. Left untreated it does dry out but the scars can last a lifetime.

What may heighten the problem are humid, sweaty climate, oily foods and oil-based face creams, potions and the likes. The other, and entirely created problem is that of people trying to wrongly drain the acne/ pimple of its content. Women, given the hormonal issues they face, have added problems.

Our skin is a porous fibre that has oil glands just beneath. Connecting the glands to the pores are follicles that are themselves small sac-like structures that produce and secrete an oily liquid called sebum. Besides maintaining the skin’s moisture, sebum also carries dead cells to the surface to be washed off as toxins. And, follicles also hold the hair in them. A mix of so many things in such a small space means that there are times when the mouth of the follicle gets blocked leading to a build-up just under the skin. Such a live thing invariably attracts bacteria that tries to break down the organic matter. A pimple may form if an infection sets in.

Incidentally, even stress can lead to acne and pimples!

What are some effective home remedies to treat acne?

The role of diet in treating acne is not exactly crystal clear. That said, studies do indicate that foods that are rich in Vitamins A and E and with traces of Zinc can lead to the noticeable slow-down of acne. Also, foods low in glycerine which invariably means wheat flour, sugary foods, chips and other deep-fried stuff and sweetened dairy products, are said to put the cap on acne to an extent.

Melaleuca oil, otherwise called Tea-tree oil is an essential oil with a camphor-like smell that’s a native of far-away Australia and has limited capacities at fighting off bacteria, mites, insect bites and the likes. Applied with caution, it can treat mild cases of acne.

Tea: The humble “chai” or its expensive green avatar are rich in polyphenols that could hold back sebum production. That said, it is tea application rather than drinking that does the trick! Either way what you get is tea!

Moisturizers: By themselves, moisturizers can do little. The ones heavy in oil could just reverse the good. That said, moisturizers containing a healthy dose of aloe vera that may soothe the inflamed skin.

What are some clinical remedies to treat acne?

OTC Steroidal and non-steroidal creams, gels, soaps, pads and creams can help in cases of mild acne, try staying away from alcohol-based creams and gels as they dry the skin. That said, if your skin is oily, alcohol-based creams may help – BUT remember to take expert advice. Most OTC remedies contain Resorcinol, Benzoyl peroxide, Salicylic acid and Sulphur.

Corticosteroid injection

For acne cysts that become badly inflamed with the danger of rupturing. Among others, it could lead to permanent scarring. But this line of treatment calls for the advice and guidance of a medical doctor always. That said, this line of treatment is most effective as it speeds up healing within days.


This line of treatment is best for those with moderate to severe acne with the line of treatment likely to extend up to 6 months. Dosage typically starts high and progressively reduce with the reduction of acne. It’s primarily meant to combat the P. Acne bacteria.

Oral medication

Primarily meant for women to give them long-lasting relief from acne, it’s meant to suppress overactive glands that produce sebum. Care should be taken with the knowledge that such medication shouldn’t be used on women without a doctor’s help, in particular:

  • Those who are in the habit of smoking
  • Have blood clots forming history
  • Are over 35 years of age with a history of migraine.

Anti-microbial medication

Best used for those with moderate to severe acne, these could be clindamycin and sodium sulfacetamide-based or topical retinoid that’s rich in Vitamin A to unclog skin pores and prevent the formation of blackheads.

For those with severe acne that remains unresponsive to other treatments, there is Isotretinoin, a strong medication with known & visible side effects that should always be taken under strict medical supervision.

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