How Does Food Affect our Looks?

Dec 10, 2021 | Uncategorized

Looks matter. Yes, they do. Ask anyone who thinks otherwise to try and be in the company of someone with bad skin, bad breath, tired eyes, wheezy breath and the likes. Agreed that breath might not have anything directly connected with looks but is something that greatly reduces your desirability. Most folks tend to consume food to satisfy hunger with the main consideration being taste and easy availability little realizing how they affect our health and even the way we look. That said, our stomach does perform like an engine which if given the right fuel of the right quality can bring about the right output. The opposite is equally possible as most of us know.

So, when it’s about looks, how does our diet affect our hair?

We take hair growth to be the result of a natural process and leave it to its mercy. Till the time it starts to fall like raindrops and refuses to regrow or start to look lifeless with split ends that look like frayed electrical wire (without anything electrifying about it!). Hair in its natural state is said to grow up to 6 inches if it gets the right nutrition and is left undisturbed.

Only lack of diet and age stops it besides conditions including genetics and serious sickness. In a natural state- despite age, hair grows (and grows back) in the presence of a balanced diet including proteins and biotin from eggs, vitamins including vitamin c from berries to off-set antioxidants. Green leafy veggies for iron and vitamin A helps produce more sebum while fatty acids and vitamin E thru fish and flax seeds and nuts help hair density. Beans on their part are great for zinc which helps with the growth and repair of hair. A diet rich in these is a sure way to have a head full of bouncy and bountiful hair!

Do diets affect nails?

Nails come to us from a time when we actively used them to do things like climb trees and tear things apart. It could be flesh, fruits and even enemies. Being the primary source of protection and one’s ability to hunt, their being in great form showed on our health. While they may seem of no great use today (other than making women look great with nail paint!), they do indicate our health (and the lack of it). Soft nails that tear easily, rough brittle nails that chip, lifeless nails etc are some of the undesired states.

In almost all situations, the culprit is a nutrition-deficient diet with low levels of biotin, iron, zinc and magnesium. Thankfully, it can be reversed with the daily diet rich in meats and eggs, fish (rich in fats), nuts (including walnuts), seeds (like sunflower seeds, flaxseeds) for iron and proteins, cucumbers, oats, root vegetables, leafy greens and cereals for silica and trace chemicals like zinc and magnesium.

Where does diet figure when it’s about the skin?

It’s said that what’s good for you, invariably is good for your skin! And what’s good for the skin is available in plenty all around us and only need to be plucked, cleaned and cooked the right way for the right effect. Skin, in its healthiest form, ought to have an even tone with moisture that makes it smooth and wrinkle-free, and never sagging. Most of these come to us the natural way though we hardly take the trouble to keep it that way. Diets heavy in refined flour, sugar, salt, carbs and fats that are consumed often with the least amount of physical labour to burn it off not just affect the body overall but also affects the skin which does not get its required quantity of nutrients. Unlike the essential organs that are within the body cavity, the skin gets a double whammy being exposed to the elements all through life. It’s for this reason that a diet rich in essential fatty oils from sources like nuts and seeds, and to an extent fatty fish are much needed to maintain skin health. These, and the presence of fresh green veggies, wholesome seasonal fruits (to be eaten and not turned into juice!), and most of all water can help keep the skin remain in great shape despite age, reason or season.

Can foods help our smiles?

A steady stream of carbonated drinks (all the possible colas), tobacco and and-so-great sweets and the likes thought great to the senses are entirely senseless when it comes to maintaining dental health and a great smile. Even without active brushing twice a day, some maintain great oral health (and by extension a great smile) by consuming the right foods. And what are they? Besides locking out sugars, chocolates, fries and cokes, foods that are rich in salads (again seasonal fruits in whole), vegetables (sautéed lightly), whole grains (including rough-ground flours), and pulses (soaked and lightly steamed) are some of the things that do a lot. In particular, they do a lot to the teeth. They do not stick to the teeth (unlike your favourite chocolates!), rub hard against places known for the deposit of tartar and plaque, and generally help keep the gut clean so that one’s breath never, ever stinks!

Aren’t they great, our foods! They keep us feeling full, and most of all provide for all-out nutrients while caring for our looks! But for that, you need to consume these in good quantities!

And what stops you??