How to End Hair-Loss Problems!

Feb 12, 2022 | Uncategorized

Nothing substitutes a head full of healthy hair to look young and happening. Absolutely nothing! And like always, in the prime of our existence, we lose more than our share of hair and as a consequence look old before time. It wouldn’t have mattered had it ended there. It doesn’t. Despite the best of physiques, health and well-being, we are taunted in varied forms and made to feel older than our age.

That must stop. And I shall tell you how!

Hi readers, this is Dr Sayali Patil of Cosmetic Sky Skin Clinic that’s located on Gangapur Road in Nashik, one of Maharashtra’s and by extension, India’s best and most renowned Hair Treatment Clinics in Nashik that’s equally known for its scalp treatment, hair loss treatment and hair transplants. It’s said of our doctors and specialists that you could be hard-pressed to find better folks anywhere in India.

While hair-fall is as natural as skin shedding and other regenerative processes our bodies go through in the time that we remain live beings. The constant fall and regeneration are about growth and go on till the end of life. Problems manifest when the replacement falls short in quantity to that which has fallen off. Like a vehicle that can’t keep up with essential spares, our bodies too start to show the effects. Besides, there are other reasons behind hair-fall like diets that remain deficient in essential nutrients, habits that put pressure on the head, hair and scalp including wearing headgears (including helmets), pins, clips and bands, strong medications like those forming part of cancer treatment, a stressful existence, being in a polluted environment for extended periods, and lastly, genetics. If there are bald people in your immediate and extended families, chances are you too could be heading that way.

While treatments abound, I mention below the better ones that I have advised my clients and patients and which they found useful.

Washing hair with mild soap or shampoo.

Sebum, a sticky lubricant produced by the scalp needs to be washed off completely given its tendency to stick to falling skin and particulate matter in the air. If not washed off, it can choke the hair follicles and impede the growth of hair. Washing hair keeps the scalp clean and increases its volume to look bouncy.

Vitamins to the rescue!

They go beyond being good to the body and help the scalp sprout healthy hair. Vitamin A is said to increase the body’s natural oils and lubes in the form of sebum that on the scalp means it never runs dry and scaly – a condition that aggravates hair loss. Your hair could be black or deep brown and consuming copious quantities of Vit B is said to keep them that way. The third vitamin of consequence is Vitamin E which increases blood circulation to the scalp that by itself makes the follicles remain healthy for producing hair all the time.

Proteins that make your hair stand out (and not fall out!)

While the body needs traces of vitamins and minerals, it needs copiously large quantities of things like calcium and proteins, given that our bodies are made of these forming the building blocks. With practically everything being proteins, consuming them as fibres, pulses, means and flesh means our bodies are rich in these which in turn aids in the growth of hair.

Massaging the hair with essential oils!

Across the globe, the definition of essential oils has changed. What doesn’t are its effects! Among the best essential oils worldwide are:

  • Lavender oil for enhanced growth of hair cells and reduced stress
  • Peppermint oil with its tingling cold promotes blood circulation and consequently hair growth.
  • Rosemary oil with its ability to improve cell generation brings about hair thickness and growth
  • Cedarwood oil essential balances oil-producing glands in the scalp + its antifungal and antibacterial properties are best for hair growth in more than one way
  • Lemongrass oil significantly reduced dandruff 

What essentially needs to be done is a round of massage to the scalp for a few minutes and leave it there.

Lessen the use of a brush/ comb, and more so on wet hair!

Hair that’s wet is at its weakest and breaks or comes off its roots when brushed or combed. Avoid if possible. If need be, use a wide-toothed comb. That aside, do not brush/ comb very often. Instead, use the pressure of your fingertips to massage lightly.

Hydrate yourself with water and other liquids! 

Hair-shafts are most productive when hydrated, drink your full quota of water so that the needed quantity reaches the scalp.

Rinse hair with green-tea

Green tea has a chemical called epigallocatechin gallate that is said to inhibit hormones that induce hair loss. Massaging the scalp with green tea is said to stimulate the hair follicles to promote healthy regrowth.

Alcohol and tobacco

Alcohol affects hair growth in various ways. Heavy and continued drinking can cause extreme dehydration that affects hair follicles and in time may cause hair thinning. Besides, sustained alcohol may build up acids that can deplete proteins and cause hair loss.

Smoking increases the production of free radicals that can damage the DNA of your cells including those in your hair follicles leading to impaired hair growth. It can also cause oxidative stress where smoking is excessive. Chemicals in tobacco can affect blood circulation and cause the build-up of plaque in the blood vessels of hair follicles affecting the removal of wastes.

Physical activity

Intense physical activity that increases the heart rate, including running, swimming, cycling do quite a few things to promote hair growth. Firstly, it increases the quantum of blood to the hair follicles which by itself promotes hair growth. Secondly, such exercises help de-stress and reduce the levels of cortisol. Both these conditions go a long way in promoting hair growth.

Keep the hairdryer away

Constant use of the hairdryer takes away moisture from the hair follicles and makes the hair susceptible to falling off before time. It also affects the protein in the hair which in time either thins or breaks easily.

Keep away sweat

Sweat is a natural occurrence that comes about due to varied reasons. That said, it affects the body in varied forms. It weakens the hair root, prepares the ground for bacterial attacks and in the case of hair and scalp that isn’t cleaned often, bring about the abrupt close of hair pores. All of these can be avoided by washing hair and using means to soak up the sweat (like towels and caps). 

In the end, the first sign of a man’s age is on his head. If it’s covered with hair that’s full, bouncy, clean and groomed, the war is won even without firing a shot. If on the other hand, the same head is devoid of hair entirely or in parts or has hair that looks unhealthy, the battle’s lost despite the best of efforts, explanations and protestations.

Make the right choice, and more so today with so many options available to get you the right head!

Once again, this is Dr Sayali Patil of Cosmetic Sky Skin Clinic on Gangapur Road in Nashik, one of Maharashtra’s and by extension, India’s best and most renowned Hair Treatment Clinics that’s equally known for its scalp treatment, hair loss treatment and hair transplants.