Six Ways to Make your Lips Naturally Pink

Dec 14, 2021 | Uncategorized

Beauty is about being comfortable in your skin which in the case of the lips can’t be unless they are truly pink!

That’s the relationship that goes between us and our lips. With everything being equal, they ought to be full and soft. And invitingly pink!

Lips aren’t pink if one is:

  • Not in the PINK of health! Yes, even a slight cold can get to our lips and give it a pale, lifeless look besides making it appear chapped and cracked. If not addressed right on time, chapped lips can have deep cuts that bleed and make life very, very uncomfortable.
  • Anaemia. If one is low on iron in the blood, the first place it’s visible is on the lips.
  • Undergoing medication! Those with hypertension, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and kidney problems administered blockers may experience dry lips. The same goes for those taking medication for urinary incontinence, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, delusional disorder and psychotic depression. Antibiotics, especially those to treat pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus, ear and skin infections also cause lips to dry and so too antihistamines meant to cure runny noses and watery eyes besides medication to cure diarrhoea.
  • Continually under-hydrated! Those not drinking enough water too may experience drying lips
  • A regular user of chemical-based cosmetics! Most chemicals pull moisture and leave the underlying skin dry and cracked
  • Not into good lifestyle habits that include the consumption of tobacco, alcohol, caffeine and drinking boiling-hot beverages.
  • Exposed to the sun for a long duration without using sun-screen or lotions
  • A natural condition of Hyperpigmentation called Melasma

Besides those undergoing conditions that need express medical attention or those brought about by medicines, the rest can get the colour of their lips back to rose pink, soft and fullness by using any of the following cures:

1. Use beetroot and its juice!

If you need pink lips, you ought to go beet red every once in a while! And there’s no alternative to the good old beet! While clearing up pigmentation, beet is said to also soothe the skin and act as an exfoliating agent. One teaspoon of beet juice and an equal quantity of honey mixed and applied gently to the lips at bedtime can over time get you the pink lips of your dreams!

A note of caution. Don’t lick your lips after you apply the concoction!

Speaking of licking lips, try getting over this bad habit. Yes, it does nothing other than take away the moisture on your lips. Instead, try keeping small quantities of moisturizing cream to apply every once in a while.

2. Lemon juice and sugar (or jaggery)!

Lemon as we all know is rich in Vitamin C and thus a good cleaning and bleaching agent. Mixed with sugar or jaggery whose dryness acts as the perfect scrub, it’s one of the simplest ways of taking off dead skin while lightening skin tone. You get both, lightened and cleaned lips.

A note of caution. Lemon can also sting badly if one has cuts and bruises on the lips. If that’s the condition, avoid this form of cleaning.

3. Strawberries and honey!

Mix equal parts of strawberries (one or a few) and honey mixed to a paste in a bowl. Apply the same to the lips and let it remain for 30 minutes. Wash with cool water and pat the lips lightly with a soft cloth.

Strawberries are known for their vitamins and nutritional value. Combined with a great moisturizer in the form of honey, it’s just the right thing to get your lips pink and healthy. Try for 10-15 days for the best results.

4. Lemon juice with Almond oil!

The combination of a great (and natural) bleach that in equal parts is also a great antiseptic, Lemon in the presence of Almond oil, a great moisturizer works just right to get the colour and health of the lips back. Mix thoroughly the juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of Almond oil. Apply to the lips and leave overnight. Remember to keep doing it every night for close to a month for the desired effect.

5. Pomegranate pulp with milk cream!

Pomegranate pulp is one of the best ways to remove excess melanin, a kind of pigmentation produced by the body to protect the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight. It turns the lips darker with time and needs to be removed. Pulp half a pomegranate and mix with milk cream. Apply the concoction to the lips and let it stay for 15-20 minutes. Done for a month, the effects become very evident in the form of full and pink lips.

These are but some of the ways to make one lip look awesome and inviting in equal measures. In extreme cases, what may be called for is medical assistance. If that isn’t the case, these may surely help.