The What and Why of Permanent Make-up!

Jan 12, 2022 | Uncategorized

Looking good or for that matter looking presentable is something most aspire for. Who in their normal state of mind would want to look bad! Seriously, none!

Hi everyone, this is Dr Sayali Patil of Cosmetic Sky Skin Clinic in Nashik, one of the foremost in this part of the world. Our specialization among others includes Eyebrow Micropigmentation, Permanent Makeup, anti-ageing facial, anti-ageing skin treatments and the best Cosmetic Skin treatments in Nashik.

Today it’s the turn of permanent make-up. For the uninitiated, permanent make-up involves the use of pigments and the right set of hands to create a layer of pigmentation just under the skin that resembles the colour and texture of the original, be it skin or hair.

There could be those among my readers who could be tempted to ask the obvious. Why permanent make-up? To them, I have plenty of reasons including:

Shaky hands!

Age or circumstances does this to us. Our hands may shake uncontrollably leading to the smearing and spoiling of even the simplest of make-ups. Imagine trying to apply eyeliner and getting it into your eyes! The sheer fear of hurting yourself could either get you to come to us for the best of Eyebrow Micropigmentation, Permanent Makeup or make you go without makeup and face the consequence of looking unkempt. Eyes, lips, eyebrows, hairline and the likes are areas that need extreme care that in the least call for a pair of steady hands. If you don’t have these, the best option that you may have is to come to us for cosmetic skin treatments including permanent make-up.


Pimples and acne scars are hard to hide in a significant way. The same goes for scars that may be the result of accidents. This leaves one with only two options. Skin grafting and plastic surgery, a costly and time-consuming processes. This leaves only one option. permanent make-up. The latter may be preferred where the area to be covered isn’t very large and obvious and requires more assistance in terms of matching colour and skin texture.


India in particular has a way with our skin colour. Our whole life revolves around our skin colour and what it implies in terms of our status in society. An ungainly (though inadvertent) patch can affect one’s confidence making one extremely self-conscious. Where the patch isn’t substantially large to make it impossible to cover entirely, Cosmetic Sky Skin Clinic Nashik’s Permanent Makeup can be of help.


Like vitiligo, hair fall to affects one’s confidence. While Cosmetic Sky Skin Clinic Nashik’s Permanent Makeup may not be able to help grow hair (for that we have an entire line of treatments given that we are THE Hair Transplant clinic in Nashik!), when it comes to looks, loss of hair can be deftly covered with permanent make-up to resemble hair in its normal state.

While it’s nice to be covered the right way with the right layer of Permanent Makeup, we at Nashik’s Cosmetic Sky Skin Clinic insist that you take the right amount of care when it comes to undergoing any procedure relating to Permanent Makeup. This includes the following:

Doing a reaction test!

Permanent make-up essentially involves getting a kind of pigment under the skin to resemble a certain colour (could be that of skin or hair). Not everyone’s body readily accepts these colours. Reactions are a known fact, sometimes fatal. That being so, it makes immense sense to first test the body in small patches with these pigments to test for reactions and only then proceed any further. In any case, if you come to Cosmetic Sky Skin Clinic, Nashik’s Permanent Makeup experts, doing so is a given!

Judging the level of cleanliness at the clinic!

We are almost brutal when it comes to cleanliness (you are most welcome to come down and have a look!) because this is about one’s health. Syringes, needles, beds and everything involved in the process go through rigorous cleaning and disinfecting. The same I recommend for every place that aspires to be in this space.

Judging the clinic’s specialists and the work they have done in the past!

A Beauty Clinics is as good as its specialist. This being a job of extreme precision, it calls for a pair of steady hands that ought to have the right qualifications in the form of knowledge and experience. Ours I can vouch for. As for the others, you ought to find it out before letting them try anything on you.

Getting references from existing clients!

Continuing from the above point, the beauty clinic should (where they are comfortable in doing so!) divulge details of customers who have successfully undergone Permanent Makeup procedures.

Reading the fine print carefully!

If it’s heads, I win. If it’s tails, you lose! Most fine-prints mean this- unless you take care to read thru each word. Or the beauty clinic is upfront with details regarding terms and conditions arising out of Permanent Makeup. As far as we, Cosmetic Sky Skin Clinic, Nashik’s best in Permanent Makeup, are concerned, we remain upfront without terms and conditions. And our fine prints are pretty large for most folks to go through without needing magnifying lenses!

There goes to permanent make-up. Yes, it’s a necessity but like every necessity, ought to be undergone with extreme care and caution to get the best results!