Top 9 Tips to Manage Stubborn Acne

Feb 22, 2022 | Uncategorized

Acne can be a pain in more than a few ways. It comes at a time when you want to look good. It makes one look ungainly and awkward. It doesn’t depart quickly and leaves behind scars. And worse, it’s a severe pain if you try to force it to go! And you obviously can’t live with it!

That’s acne for most of us! But ACNE MUST GO for life to go on.

If acne hasn’t departed despite your best efforts, there could be reasons which you need to consider.

Hi, once again, this is Dr Sayali Patil, your favourite dermatologist at the Cosmetic Sky Skin Clinic on Gangapur Road in Nashik. Our speciality in acne extends to the following areas:

And for these, we got on board some of the best hands, including doctors and caregivers.

Going back to the subject of this blog, what do we do when acne refuses to depart respectably?
From my experience of 10+ years, I have the following tips to give:

1. Across lines of treatment, it takes a minimum of a month to show effects!

Medicines and interventions take time, given that every cell in the right place in the body has to respond to them. Our bodies aren’t like machines, which can be switched on, accelerated, decelerated, and switched off as and when we please. Things here take time for the effect to show. And for that, patience and restraint are required. Trying something new every few days means the bacteria only get resistant, and with the apparent overlap, nothing works. In the end, what you could get could be worse than a nightmare. So, be patient and let things work for a month. If the situation persists, look at newer lines of treatment, including visiting a clinic like ours.

It also doesn’t mean that you keep quiet and sustain extreme pain and discomfort, the hallmark of reactions and the result of a wrong line of treatment, including fresh breakouts.

2. Take action for another root cause of acne.

A month and a half and still no improvement means your lingering doubts have come true! Your existing line of treatment for acne and pimples could do with a booster shot or a complete change of strategies. Acne’s favourite causes include oily skin that could clog your skin pores with other bodily toxins, dirt, dust, and the kinds. Bacteria’s love for everything plugged, and rotting could be the next obvious occurrence. Worse could be ungainly breakouts of pus and other body fluids.
If any of the above happens, it’s advisable to drop everything and head to the dermatologist immediately for a proper examination and the right course of action. If the state remains AFTER visiting the dermatologist, it could be best to look for alternatives. Your skin, face, health, and life are all at stake, and waiting won’t help.
And if you are anywhere close to Nashik or need expert advice anywhere on the planet, I invite you to visit us in person or online for extensive consultation!

3. Treat the prescription as God to get rid of the devil of acne.

Giving half an ear to the doctor’s suggestions and even less to their prescriptions means you keep the devil on your face and face the consequences. Some acne treatments contain strong medicines that ought to be kept and administered in just that order. Prescriptions and suggestions besides, the best doctors for Acne Scar Treatment in Nashik also advise entire treatment plans replete with foods to be consumed and things to be done. Not paying attention means Acne and Scars Treatment, including laser treatment, will never be as effective as desired, despite the best doctors and line of treatment.
You could keep getting acne while retaining its scars too. If that’s scary, remember, there’s an easy way out. Stick to your Doctor’s line of treatment down to the last detail.

4. Wash your face only when it’s most needed or as advised by the dermatologist.

We live in a warm country where the climate varies from dry to moist in most parts. It’s drying and cold only up north and high up the hills. For most parts, it could range from warm to hot, dry and sweaty. For those with acne, India’s hot weather is the perfect reason to wash one’s face again and again. It makes it feel good, cool, and refreshing. And it’s this constant urge to wash the face to feel good that can undo the best laid-out plan to bring acne to rest. From my own experience with acne scar treatment, including laser treatment, I know for a fact that, come what may, one shouldn’t wash one’s face more than a few times in the day.

-Wash once in the morning after waking up.
-Try beating the urge to wash frequently.
-Wash one last time before bed.

5. Scrub could be your enemy #1 till the time you have acne.

If you have acne and your skin feels grimy, greasy, oily and heavy, you might have the urge to use a scrub to clean the mess. Don’t even dream about it. Doing so would only irritate the already inflamed skin and make things worse. Not even in a mile should you even dream of doing something so drastic.

6. Use safe and well-known skincare products and cosmetics that are known to cure acne or not cause it.

Medicine and science aside, what can save one from the eternal misery of acne and its after-effects, including a pock-marked skin, is the use of known creams and lotions. Known brands care for their image and presence and would think twice before becoming adventurous with quality. Be it to cure budding acne or acne breakouts, it’s advisable to go with known brands. This is true of medicines known to contain chemicals, including fairly strong doses that, if they expire or aren’t present in the proper quantity, may cause more problems than they solve.

7. Resist the urge to touch your face with pimples or acne

Popping a pimple is something we all feel like indulging in. Just the right squeeze is what it needs. Well, not exactly. It could just turn things into an open wound that invites more pimples and acne. Those are the ways of acne that I know from my years of experience at my clinic. Never give in to the urge to force your way on pimples and acne. They may seem small, but their effects will be there for life for the world to see. Instead, visit Nashik’s best Acne Scar Removal & Treatment Clinic, which lets you know how to do things the right way.

8. Know how to control the spread of acne

Right now, acne could be in spots on your face, for which you would apply medication to just the affected areas. But what’s to stop it from coming up in unmedicated areas? To prevent such an occurrence, spread the cream in a thin layer all over your face.

9. Make it a point to visit a known clinic of dermatology!

Ideally, I would love to treat all my readers at the Cosmetic Sky Skin Clinic on Gangapur Road in Nashik. That being impossible for fairly obvious reasons, things can go online. That said, I always advise folks to visit a good dermatologist in their vicinity when things seem to slip beyond ordinary care. With medication and proper care that has the backing of a seasoned dermatologist, your face can face up to any situation while bidding adieu to acne!