What is the Right Age for an Anti-ageing Treatment?

Feb 8, 2022 | Uncategorized

There was once a time when wrinkles were considered the equivalent of an army officer’s medals which showed that you were there and did what was expected. Till it became apparent that ageing, especially wrinkles were nothing more than our skin losing collagen due to our habit of running out into the sun for no good reason! They are thus no medals for bravery but signs of carelessness that if avoided can help humanity have a longer, healthier and generally more productive life. Yes, there are other reasons and we mention the same below.

As for me, I am the same ‌Dr‌ ‌Sayali‌ ‌Patil‌ of Cosmetic‌ ‌Sky‌ ‌Skin‌ ‌Clinic‌ located on Gangapur‌ ‌Road in ‌‌Nashik‌ ‌known for its range of therapies in Anti-aging‌ ‌facial‌, Anti-aging‌ ‌treatments‌ and the best Cosmetic‌ ‌Skin‌ ‌Clinic‌ ‌in‌ ‌Nashik‌.

Wrinkles, fine lines and ageing before the time aren’t exactly new. What is, is the intensity of the sun due to varied reasons including apparent global warming that’s just made the problem that much more pernicious. Mirroring this reality has been a very visible boom in the anti-ageing and wrinkle-disappearing solution industry that’s seeing newer products, services and procedures practically every day which in some cases promise perfection even beyond what god’s made!

On what causes our skin to wrinkle, besides the harsh sunlight, dry weather, dusty environment, even the light emitted by varied gadgets, a less-than-healthy lifestyle characterized by excesses and use of untested products are some of the more known culprits. That said, it makes sense to start early with anti-ageing and any-wrinkle treatments and not wait till they appear. With signs of them appearing to be visible much before they actually do, most people in India ought to remain on precautionary mode.

When is it just right to start anti-aging and anti-wrinkle treatments and procedures?

At Cosmetic‌ ‌Sky‌ ‌Skin‌ ‌Clinic‌ in Nashik, I recommend people start early. As early as the mid to late 20s. Yes, that’s the age at which these days our problems start to make themselves visible. Dull, saggy skin with its share of wrinkles may not be visible to all but they are in the making just below the surface with the gradual slowing of collagen and elastin production – and our notorious lifestyles. While the former two are proteins that give the skin its essential elasticity and a feel of fulness, the latter i.e. our lifestyle add or deduct from it. Low to no exercise is known to make skin and flesh both dry and saggy which can very well be reversed with the minimum of movements and exercise which keep skin taught and stretched.

What exactly is aging in the first place? Why does it take place?

Skin is layers of proteins that are held in place with the right amount of moisture and fibre. These days there’s an ascent at educating people on something called hyaluronic acid-based products that gets the skin to retain its moisture and with it the retention of collagen and elastin. This is a very welcome development given that this material can increase the skin’s ability to hold moisture longer and make it appear younger.

Skin ageing takes place for two reasons. The skin loses moisture, and we exacerbate things with our wrong habits including exposing ourselves to harsh sunlight.

Irrespective of the kind of skin treatment tried, it ought to start early- much before the problem sets in. In fact, by starting early, ageing can be reversed to quite an extent given that the skin’s needs are fully met and it never loses moisture or its form and shape.

Important points to take care of to get the most out of any anti-aging treatment?

At Nashik’s best anti-ageing clinic Cosmetic‌ ‌Sky‌ ‌Skin‌ ‌Clinic‌, among others, we prescribe the following in particular for any anti-ageing treatment to be effective!

  • Start early
  • Work only with specialists and dermatologist or beauty care expert
  • Have your goals clear
  • If you are unique, so is your skin and your circumstances!
  • Do not stick to just one line of treatment!The skin can do with treatments ranging from home remedies to advance laser treatments – all depending upon your skin condition. Why, even creams range from those with varied active ingredients like alpha and beta hydroxy acids (AHA and BHA), Vitamins A and C and retinol to mention a few. While a mix of this help eliminate dead cells and boost the skin’s powers to regenerate itself bringing back your skin’s firm and supple texture, remember it’s best to take the recommendation of a dermatologist on which cream or potion to work with.
  • Microdermabrasion: An effective non-invasive anti-ageing and wrinkle treatment that just as easily helps with melasma, acne, and sun damage. Under the procedure, skincare specialists spray fine particles of chemicals and abrasives onto your skin. What this essentially does is clear the top layer of the skin of dead and decaying matter and prepare it for a new layer of more uniform and clean skin. Yes, if you listen to my advice and act closely – including avoiding the sun, the outdoors, certain soaps and lotions, it’s only a question of time before your skin gets back its original texture, tone and most of all, the colour of vitality and happiness that’s tied to youth and happiness! The sprayed particles which could be sand or even crystals are gently sprayed onto the skin that is almost immediately rubbed away to clear the outer-most layer of skin. In all these the exfoliated dead skin cells are suctioned off almost immediately and the skin that’s exposed is clean and ready for the right combination of rejuvenating creams and lotions.
  • Dermal Fillers: Weigh a person in adult-hood and then at later stages. The one thing that comes across rather starkly is the difference in weight. Yes, with age, we start to weigh less. The older we grow, the lesser we weigh. And while this may seem nice for the body overall, it does one thing to our skin. It brings about the most age-visible of fine lines and tell-tale wrinkles which progressively deepen with age. The primary reason behind this is that with age, we lose collagen leading to an overall loss of skin mass. While this in itself is troublesome, what adds is the fact that there’s nothing much that can be done- other than derma fillers that come in handy to fill in fine wrinkles and give the skin a sense of heft and volume. This is most helpful in areas with a profusion of fine lines and creases like the mouth and near the eyes. Putting a layer here is sure to change the very look of a person! They could go from looking old to looking pleasant! These fillers as a rule last anywhere between six months to a year.
  • Laser Treatments: The finest and most non-invasive of lasers are used to peel off a layer of skin that’s most offending (let your dermatologist decide this part). Like microdermabrasion, lasers gently slice away a thin layer of the outer skin (in areas other than that anywhere near the eyes) and leave it open for regrowth. Doing so is said to lead to the sustained production of skin cells and collagen and is one of the best and sometimes only treatments for hyperpigmentation and deep wrinkles. The outcome if done correctly is said to be flawless!

One cannot do anything to ageing. That’s natural. Anything alive has to age and die. That said, till the time we are around, we ought to remain in our best shape and form. One way to go about it is to use the services of dermatologists, go to the right skin clinics, and take good care of our skin. At least that way, we could appear to buckle downtime!